We believe that there is strength in diversity. That’s why our main focus is taking the best super foods globally and making the most delish bars out there. Since we pride ourselves on our diversity, we aim to cater to all customers’ tastes and needs.

Our products are gluten-free, Non-GMO and Vegan. We want our bar goodness to reach everyone. We believe in the importance of clean food, prepared with loving hands and scientific facts while using wholesome ingredients. i-BARS is not just about eating clean, it’s about living clean.


- Welcome to the i-BARS life.


We want to spread health awareness, and change people’s perception of healthy, nutritional products. We take pride in broadening our customers’ horizons as well as, encouraging and introducing people to new untraditional flavors, which they otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to.

About Us

International Bars Club is a startup founded by a pharmacist and food-lover committed to leading a wholesome life and to find a harmonious balance between the body and the soul. Inspired by nature’s beauty and bountiful resources; his adventure of traveling around the world began. He started learning nature’s secrets and the mysteries of its super foods. It is through i-BARS that, we share the path to a healthy lifestyle but without compromising on flavor.


Our Team has an acute case of wanderlust. Thus, the creation of each of our exquisite bars starts with a rigorous selection of unique, and healthy ingredients from around the globe. Every country has its food secrets; a unique set of hidden super foods that nourish our bodies inside and out. We at i-BARS have in-depth knowledge of science, a passion for innovation and craftsmanship. Thus, we aim at using our expertise to make these ingredients accessible to you. We at i-BARS promise to bring the world’s flavors to your doorstep